We strive to be an extension of your family.  Caring.  Compassionate.  There when you need us.


At The Darling Home for Kids, we utilize a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers who are trained to provide the medical support and tender loving care that our children require.

The care team at The Darling Home for Kids is made up of a group of passionate individuals all dedicated to making sure that each one of our children are well cared for, happy, and engaged during their stay with us.  Our front line team is a combination of registered nurses, registered practical nurses, developmental service workers, personal support workers, and health care providers with paediatric experience and training.

We recognize that the needs of each unique group of children in care will require staffing that is specific to their particular combination of needs.  During our intake process, and evaluated at regular intervals thereafter, each child is assessed for their acuity level in terms of their medical needs as well as other support needs.  When a respite weekend is scheduled, we take into consideration the individual needs of each child in order to ensure that we have the staff in place to provide a safe and secure respite stay for your child.

In addition to our front line care team, we have a staff team that supports our fundraising, administration and facility management.


It's a place where she is safe and well-cared for so we can have time to recharge, sleep and spend with the boys.
Jodi Peters, Rheanne’s Mom


Jodi Peters, Rheanne’s Mom