Together, We're Making a Difference

Our families are unique, each with their own stories of adversity, remarkable strength, and survival – stories that we’re proud to be a part of.

Your Impact

Your support has a direct impact on our children’s care and enables us to be there, to celebrate our children’s victories. It is because of the generosity of donors and friends like you that we’re able to help them reach their full potential.

248 children have benefitted from our Programs and Services since 2004.
19 children have lived at The Darling Home for Kids within our Residential Program.
Since opening our bright red doors, we have provided over 655,000 hours of service.

How You’re Helping Children & Families

There is no us without you. With your help we’re providing compassionate care to the most medically complex children. Your support helps spark the magic of childhood through dance parties, trail walks, snow days, safari adventures, and countless incredible memories.

Hear From Families

While our children create beautiful memories within our walls, their parents can rest easy knowing their child is loved and cared for. With your help we are providing exceptional care, enriching the lives of children and families, and building towards our shared vision of a world where no child is too complex to receive the love, care, and support they deserve.

“The first time I pulled into the driveway of The Darling Home for Kids for my daughter’s first overnight stay, I cried. I cried because I was excited, this was her first sleepover without mommy or daddy. I cried because I was feeling relieved to get a break from caregiving. I cried because I felt..
Diana DHK mom
“The Darling Home for Kids is the single most important support system that families with disabled medically complex children have. When I tell you that your contribution is going toward a place that helps families survive, I mean it. I am living proof.”
Heidi DHK mom
“As a parent of a medically complex child, it’s often difficult to relax when we go to events. At DHK events, we can just be ourselves because all the staff, volunteers, and other families understand the needs and challenges of bringing a medically complex child to an event. Every detail is well …
Kerri & Mike DHK parents
“What The Darling Home for Kids has given to our family is the time to connect and recharge. For us, it has given us balance and provided a sense of community and belonging. We are ever appreciative of the support The Darling Home for Kids has given our family and are thankful for the generosity …
Elena DHK mom
“It’s so tough on the parents – they need an avenue, they need a space, they need their child to be a child. The Darling Home for Kids creates an environment that they feel comfortable bringing their child to and they have a space for themselves too.”
Jason DHK dad
“Thank you so much for supporting The Darling Home for Kids. Because of you, they are able to offer programs that contribute to a more inclusive community, welcoming children regardless of the medical challenges they may face, so they too can have the wonderful experiences that all children …
Amanda DHK mom

Measuring Our Impact

Our Annual Report is an opportunity for us to reflect on how far we’ve come, and to set our gaze ahead to the future.

For the children and families who find comfort within our walls, your support does not go unnoticed.

Together we’ve helped families reconnect. We helped overwhelmed parents find comfort and solace within our Family Support Programs, and we helped siblings forge lasting friendships with peers in similar circumstances.

Together, we’ve created an atmosphere where children can create beautiful memories, and enjoy enriching experiences, therapies, and activities designed with their unique needs in mind.

We are grateful for the impact your support continues to have on the children and families within our care. We hope you enjoy seeing all we’ve been able to accomplish together.

Our Stories

The Darling Home for Kids is filled with joy because of the dedication of so many people who care about the children and families we serve. Check out what’s happening around the Home in our latest edition of Homefront.

What Our Donors Are Saying

The Darling Home for Kids provides high quality services to medically fragile children in a boutique-like oasis. The Home is large enough to help many families yet small enough that each child gets the hands-on attention they need. This state-of-the-art home provides respite care to families who need it most. I have been a supporter of the Home for years by attending events as well as being a monthly donor. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Home. I would highly recommend doing so. Once you see the work done by the fantastic staff and how happy the kids are in this truly unique environment, I’m sure you will want to get involved and perhaps become a monthly contributor as well.

Steven Hart, Donor & Volunteer