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Compassionate care, and support for the entire family.

There’s No Place Like This Home

We understand that caring for a child with complex medical needs can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. Our programs and services are designed to provide your child with high-quality, specialized care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your child receives the best possible care, and we strive to provide support for families every step of the way.

In addition to our three core programs of Respite Care, Residential Care, and Hospice Palliative Care, The Darling Home for Kids offers a range of complementary therapeutic programs. These include music therapy, recreation therapy, pet therapy, hydrotherapy, and multi-sensory snoezelen therapy. Each program is carefully designed to promote the well-being of the children in our care and offer them unique experiences. We understand that caring for a child with complex medical needs can be challenging, and that’s why we’ve created effective and engaging programs for both the siblings and parents of the children we serve. At The Darling Home for Kids, we provide care for the entire family.

Therapeutic Programs

At The Darling Home for Kids, we believe in providing a complete and inclusive experience for the children in our care. From engaging in creative arts and hands-on crafts to exploring the great outdoors and participating in restorative hydrotherapy sessions, there is never a dull moment at our Home.

We understand that each child has unique physical, developmental, psychological, and spiritual needs, and that’s why we offer a variety of therapeutic programs to support their growth and well-being. Our aim is to provide comprehensive care that enables our kids to thrive.

Pet Therapy

Our Pet Therapy program offers our children a unique experience. With the help of certified therapy dogs from St. John Ambulance, children can connect and interact with these special animals. These service animals are trained to work with children who have physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities, and provide a source of comfort, companionship, and fun. Our children look forward to their visits and the positive impact they have on their well-being.

Snoezelen Therapy

The Snoezelen Room at The Darling Home for Kids transports our kids to a world of enchantment. This multi-sensory environment is designed to ignite the senses and bring joy to our kids lives. With bubble tubes featuring fish, fiber optic lights that change colors, an interactive star carpet, projectors, and a chair that feels like floating on a leaf, children are fascinated and mesmerized by this magical space. With a portable Snoezelen cart, we can bring the Snoezelen experience to any room for bedside therapy.

Snoezelen not only provides an enjoyable experience, but it also serves as an interpersonal and relationship-building platform for children, staff, and volunteers. Whether it’s used to integrate new children with anxiety, settle children for sleep, or as a lively and playful space, Snoezelen ignites the senses and provides an opportunity for children to engage in a unique, multi-sensory experience.

Music Therapy

The Music Therapy program at The Darling Home for Kids combines the power of music with therapeutic activities to support the children we serve. Our Music Therapist uses musical instruments and sounds to engage with the children, promoting their physical and emotional well-being. For non-verbal children, music therapy provides a unique outlet for expressing their feelings and emotions. Through singing, playing instruments, and exploring different sounds, this therapeutic program offers a fun and uplifting experience for the children, helping to provide emotional support and a sense of enjoyment.

Recreation Therapy

Fun, play, and recreation are essential components of a child’s overall health and happiness. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Recreation Therapy program designed to bring joy, excitement, and fulfillment to the lives of the children in our care.

Our program offers a variety of activities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of children, including arts and crafts, sensory play, nature walks, and much more. Through these activities, we aim to improve and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and help to prevent secondary health conditions.

At the heart of our Recreation Therapy program is the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience joy, no matter their physical or mental abilities. Whether our kids are busy creating a masterpiece, baking in the kitchen, or discovering the beauty of nature on a trail walk, we’re dedicated to making every moment count for the children in our care.


Our Hydrotherapy pool offers a unique and transformative experience for children with severe physical disabilities who use a wheelchair for mobility. In the water, our kids feel the power and freedom of movement, as well as a sense of weightlessness. With controlled water temperatures and safe conditions, kids can play and exercise with ease.

The massage-like sensation from the Hydrotherapy jets helps to improve blood circulation and release spastic or tight muscles, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquility through its therapeutic effects on the body. Hydrotherapy is used to address a range of physical issues, including joint, muscle, and nerve problems, as well as to relieve stress and anxiety.

Our Hydrotherapy pool room is a dynamic and multi-sensory space that can be darkened to create a magical underwater oasis. With bubble tubes, water features, and fiber optic lights that make the water glow, children are captivated by the underwater world and the projected light onto the ceiling. The pool room is accessible for children of all abilities, thanks to a ceiling track lift.

The Hydrotherapy pool is a space where our children can escape and immerse themselves in a new world filled with imagination and wonder.

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