From arts and crafts to outdoor walks and splashing around in our hydrotherapy pool, the Home gives children the opportunity to experience something new and exciting!


In addition to our respite and palliative programs, The Darling Home for Kids offers numerous other therapeutic programs designed to meet the physical, developmental, psychological, and spiritual needs of the children we service.




Hydrotherapy is the treatment of diseases and soothing pains using water. The Hydrotherapy pool is a stimulating and fun way for children to participate in physical therapy, which helps condition muscles, increases range of motion, and improves mobility. The pool offers an opportunity to experience play and exercise in the comfort of a controlled water environment. The children love the water and it gives them a complete sense of freedom.

The Therapeutic Power of Water – Click to find out more about Hydrotherapy at The Darling Home for Kids


Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses music and musical activities to engage with children and promote wellbeing. In this program a Music Therapist facilitates movement and rehabilitation with the use of instruments and sound. For children who are non-verbal, music therapy offers them a way to express their feelings and emotions. From singing songs, playing instruments and exploring different sounds, this therapeutic program provides emotional support and is thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Creating Magic with Music – Click to find out more about Music Therapy at The Darling Home for Kids


Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy provides our children with an opportunity to interact with specially trained service animals. With certified therapy dogs from St. John Ambulance, and miniature horses, children can interact and connect with these amazing animals. The therapy dogs and horses are specially trained to work with children with special needs including children with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities. The animals offer companionship and fun and the children really look forward to their visits to The Darling Home for Kids.

Unconditional Love from a Four-Legged Friend – Click to find out more about Pet Therapy at The Darling Home for Kids


Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy is designed to treat and maintain children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Recreation Therapy provides an enriching experience for the children during their stay as it aids in improving and maintaining physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning, preventing secondary health conditions, enhancing independent living skills and overall quality of life. Recreation Therapy includes activities such as arts and crafts, sensory activities, games, baking and nature walks. This type of programming provides an enriching experience for the children during their stay at The Darling Home for Kids.

Play to Your Heart’s Content – Click to find out more about Recreation Therapy at The Darling Home for Kids


Multi-Sensory Snoezelen Therapy

Snoezelen provides a fun, recreational and multi-sensory, environment for our clients. It provides stimulation and relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, color, and light. Our Snoezelen room provides an array of multi-sensory stimuli. Children become fascinated and mesmerized and are enticed to reach out and explore and interact with switches, orbiting images, lights and colours.  Research has shown that multi-sensory environments provide an opportunity for the participant and caregiver to improve communications, build trust and enhance their understanding of each other.  It is a safe place that replenishes the spirit.

Igniting the Senses from Within – Click to find out more about Multi-Sensory Snoezelen Therapy at The Darling Home for Kids