In the summer of 2016, three youth walked through our big red front door to experience The Darling Home for Kids first hand. Hana, Brianna and Flavia were both excited and nervous as they began to learn about our Home, engage with our children, and immerse themselves in a world so very different from their own. Yet, in the midst of differences, they quickly learned that comfort and joy are at the heart of our organization– where our kids simply get to be kids.  The Youth Summer Volunteer Initiative pilot program was successful on all accounts – our youth volunteers, staff team and kids alike all have wonderful stories of their summers at The Darling Home for Kids!

In 2019, as we move into our fourth year of the YSVI summer program, we continue to grow and expand.

As we gear up for a busy, joy-filled and unforgettable summer, we would love you to join us! Our YSVI (Youth Summer Volunteer Initiative) program is for youth 14-19 years of age who are interested in making a difference in the lives of others and whom are dedicated to making the most of their summer.  If you would enjoy this opportunity and are interested in the experience, we encourage you to apply.

Transportation bursaries are available for youth who may find it difficult to get to our remote location.

The application along with two references and a letter of intent are due by May 10, 2019 via mail, email or fax.

Questions? Please contact:
Erin Huber, Coordinator of Volunteer Services
905.878.7673 ext. 218

Download the 2019 YSVI Application Package here.