The Darling Home for Kids Capital Campaign The Embrace Campaign

The Need

Since we opened our doors in 2004, the number of children with medical complexities has climbed, reaching more than 16,000 in Ontario alone. With medical advances, these kids are living longer, but their health issues are becoming more complex. We must meet this growing demand for care by expanding our walls and opening new spaces. 

With your help, we can give children more room to be free, to explore, to express themselves and to make the most of each day they have.

We have a dream to help more kids and families

With you, we’ll make it a reality by adding 10,000 square feet that includes:  

  • Three new bedrooms and two adjoining bathrooms 
  • A larger medication room 
  • Spaces for counselling, meetings with families and care providers, volunteer interviews, religious ceremonies and events 
  • A larger Snoezelen room, which engages kids’ senses and imaginations through images, lights, textures, sound and colour 
  • A private kitchen and accommodation for families with a child in end-of-life care 
  • An area dedicated to staff and volunteers 
  • A second story for administration, meetings and training
  • A driveway extension and larger parking lot 
  • A garage for our wheelchair van  
  • A dedicated play room
  • A new 3-season space

We aren’t just creating more room; we’re building more space for moments that matter. But this comes at a cost of $6.5 million. 

Orlando Corporation has generously pledged to match each gift we receive, doubling the impact of each donation. That means we need your help to raise the rest!

Orlando Corporation Logo Suite

Please give today and help us build more space for joy, comfort, connection and care. 

There’s no place like this Home 

When a child is embraced, they feel loved and safe. A comforting hug and steady heartbeat gently remind them that everything is going to be alright – that they can take on the tough stuff because they have someone by their side. The Darling Home for Kids gives children the same feelings of warmth, protection and courage. Our spaces and staff embrace kids with complex medical needs and help them make the most of each day. And while children create joyful memories within our walls, their parents can take a break from the stress and isolation of caring for a child with such great needs. 

Our Home is filled with care and lots of love

Thanks to dedicated staff, compassionate volunteers, and generous donors like you!

Residential Care

Whether a child stays with us for a month or for years, we provide a warm space and enriching environment for kids who can’t receive care at home because of their significant medical needs. Parents can visit their children, and participate in meetings and appointments to help guide their care. 

“I get to attend to all their medical needs while they are at school, but I also get to be a part of the process of helping them learn new things, interact with peers, and grow and develop to their full potential.”

Mel, Registered Nurse 

Respite Care 

For our families, respite is a necessity, not an option. Children stay with us for a day, a weekend, or sometimes a full week, while caregivers get a much-needed break to rest, recharge and spend one-on-one time with their other children. 

“Respite is literally a life saver for myself and my family. It really concerns me that without it we might sink, both as individuals and as a family. We might not be able to keep swimming.”

Parent Survey Response

Hospice Palliative Care

While some children beat the odds to survive, others have to leave the world far too soon. In those circumstances, we do everything we can to fill their final days with happiness, peace, comfort and quality time with those who love them dearly.

“When I found out my brother was able to stay at The Darling Home for Kids, my heart was filled with so much happiness because I knew this was his last home. It made sense. It was perfect, a beautiful Home, filled with amazing people who could remind him he was loved.”

Lynn, Mark’s Sister

Therapeutic Programs

From strumming an instrument, to petting puppies, to playing in our wheelchair-accessible playground, we offer programs that put big smiles on kids’ faces. These simple pleasures give children memories that live on far beyond their days here.

“The programming is phenomenal – animal, music and art therapy, outdoor play, the creativity and thoughtful planning provided for my child is exceptional.”

Elena, Robyn’s Mom

Lauryn found her happy place

Lauryn’s life is anything but ordinary. During her first 6 years, she went through more than 600 medical and therapy appointments, and several hundred additional hours of homework. With her rare condition called STXBP1, she has seizures, neurological tremors, developmental delay, and low muscle tone, among other things. Lauryn’s mom was worried that these challenges would stop her from having wonderful experiences that all children should enjoy. Then she found The Darling Home for Kids. Here, Lauryn has the space and support to be a kid. She plays outside, makes s’mores, and has pajama and dance parties with friends – all while getting the personalized care she needs.

By donating today, you’ll give children like Lauryn incredible care and unforgettable experiences.

Your gift will help expand walls, spaces and hearts at The Darling Home for Kids