Here’s what our families have to say.




Lynn, Mark’s Sister

When Mark came to stay at The Darling Home for Kids my heart was filled with so much happiness because I knew this was his last Home. It was perfect, just for him. A beautiful home, filled with AMAZING people for Marky to know he is still loved. Marky passed away in the most beautiful way…surrounded by LOVE. READ Lynn’s Letter

Leslie, Calum’s Mom

In my daughter’s prayers she has thanked The Darling Home for Kids for being a super cool place for Calum but also so she gets Mom all to herself.  READ Calum’s Story




Sian, Cerys’ Mom

After a tour of the Home and meeting the staff, Kelly (my husband) and I felt comfortable with the facility and programs.  We have never looked back on our decision.  READ Cery’s Story


Todd and Dawn, Graham’s Parents

The Darling Home for Kids takes care of our son as we would take care of him, and that is a comfort that you cannot imagine.  It lets us recharge our batteries, ready to tackle another week and appreciate ourselves, our daughter and especially Graham.  READ Graham’s Story




A Day of Care with Holly

There is no greater gift than happiness. At The Darling Home For Kids, happiness is a precious gift given by families, friends, donors, staff, and volunteers. And when children, like 8-year old Holly, come to participate in the respite care program, their happiness is returned tenfold.  READ About Holly’s Day


Erin, Piper’s Mom

When Piper visits the Home I feel confident knowing that she’s not just sitting in a nursing facility.  The Home is like a special camp for kids.  Piper participates in hydrotherapy to ease her tense spastic muscles.  During her first overnight stay she was put to sleep in her beautiful room by a lady playing a harp.  She participates in pet therapy where she giggles at slobbery wet kisses from her four-legged friends.  The staff at the Home have truly embraced our family, and are genuinely excited to be with Piper, and look forward to her arrival. READ Piper’s Story