Please consider a monthly donation to The Darling Home for Kids.

Join Our Growing Community!

With many families turning to us for help, we really need friends like YOU in our corner.  When you choose to make monthly gifts to The Darling Home for Kids, you are joining an elite community of like-minded individuals dedicated to providing consistent, reliable resources to help care for our medically fragile and technology dependent children.  Joining our Kaleidoscope Community is one of the greatest ways you can give.  One donation each month, no matter the amount, adds up to a world of difference.


makes joining affordable for anyone who wants to make a difference on the 7th day of every month!


gives up to 12 children one hour of Recreation Therapy


provides a child in need with a day of comprehensive care


gives our children 5 months of Art Therapy!


gives 2 families a full weekend of respite care; the time away for parents and siblings to recharge their batteries

The Benefits of Giving Monthly

Benefits to You

You make one decision – and your gift keeps working month after month to support a cause you believe in.

  • Giving is more convenient:  Once you’ve signed up, your donation becomes automatic until you advise us otherwise
  • It is affordable:  Giving smaller monthly gifts of $10 or $25 or any amount you choose, is an affordable way to support the Home’s work all year round
  • You receive a single tax receipt:  You will receive one cumulative tax receipt after the end of the calendar year

Your monthly gift makes a significant difference to the lives of medically complex children each and every day.

Benefits to The Darling Home for Kids

When you join the Kaleidoscope Community, your monthly gift:

  • Ensures sustainability:  a predictable source of income that we can depend on every month means we have the resources we need to support our mission in the community
  • Helps us plan:  your monthly donation gives the Home a greater ability to get involved in long-term projects
  • Saves money:  Monthly donations mean less paperwork and administration, so it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of giving