Preparing for your child’s visit.


Accurate and up to date forms and documentation is a vital resource for our care team.  On each admission, our staff will review your forms and documentation with you.  Having forms completed in advance will help the admission run more smoothly.

You know your child best, so any information you can provide is helpful.  Please be as specific as possible.  The staff welcome tips and tricks about your child, including their favourite foods, feeding strategies, and even the position your child is most comfortable in for sleeping.  The more that we can replicate what you do at your home, the easier your child’s transition into our Home will be.

The following forms can be completed ahead of time, but must be completed for EACH admission:

Scheduled Medication Form (PDF Download)

PRN Medication Form  (PDF Download)

Packing List  (PDF Download)

The following forms must be completed ANNUALLY to update our records:

Getting to Know Your Child  (PDF Download)

Emergency Contact  (PDF Download)

TIP FROM OTHER PARENTS:  Saving the completed forms to your home computer can allow for easy updates and reprinting prior to each admission.

The Darling Home for Kids takes care of our son as we would take care of him, and that is a comfort that you cannot imagine.  It lets us recharge our batteries, ready to tackle another week and appreciate ourselves, our daughter and especially Graham.
Todd and Dawn Stewart, Graham’s Parents


Todd and Dawn Stewart, Graham’s Parents