A Book Written by Susan Cleland and Illustrated by Family and Friends of The Darling Home for Kids


Meet Darlene.

A teeny-tiny caterpillar with a mighty heart, filled with strength, determination, and perseverance. Darlene knows she must change to discover her true self, and invites us to join her on her courageous journey as she embraces her uniqueness.

What Darlene discovers is that the magnificent world in which she has such a deep admiration for, actually becomes more beautiful because she is a part of it.

Darlene reminds us all to grow our wings and expand on what is possible – one flutter at a time.

All it will take is everything you have.

All proceeds from the sales of Darlene`s Journey are being donated to The Darling Home for Kids.

Books are available for $50 each.  Contributions greater than $50 will receive a charitable tax receipt by mail for the difference.
Example:  A contribution of $100 towards one copy of Darlene`s Journey would be eligible for a $50 tax receipt.

About the Author:

Susan Cleland has been a volunteer at The Darling Home for Kids since 2013.

Having worked with the extraordinary families and medically fragile children in the Home, Susan, who has awarded the “Big Heart Award” in 2015 from The Darling Home for Kids, became inspired to write this heartwarming tale about the courageous journey children with special needs persevere through to see life from their own beautiful and unique perspectives.

She, along with the Home`s children, families, and supportive friends, brought this book to life.