Corporations have an enormous impact at The Darling Home for Kids!

Become a Corporate Partner – The ultimate feel good hand shake!

The support of partners and corporate philanthropy help us to continually move the boundaries of caring for children who are medically complex and medically fragile. Your collaboration makes a profound difference in the lives of these children and their families, and our mission merits investment.

A partnership with The Darling Home for Kids allows your organization to maximize your corporate, social and community goals and demonstrates to your stakeholders, your commitment to making our communities a better place to live, work and play.

At The Darling Home for Kids we are committed to maximizing every dollar raised, so it can have the largest possible impact on our programs and services.

Why The Darling Home for Kids?

  1. It’s is estimated that there are more than 15,000 children in Ontario with complex chronic health conditions who require intensive support and services are not easily found in other healthcare settings.
  2. The Darling Home for Kids is the first paediatric respite/hospice care and services for medically complex children and their in Ontario. Today we are 1 of only 3 available and we are the ONLY provider of residential care.
  3. Due to the significant care demands required, respite support has emerged as one of the more prevalent necessities for families caring for medically complex children. Without effective respite services exhaustion faced by these families can result caregiver burnout.
  4. Given the survival rates of 90%, for children who are medically fragile and technology dependent, there is a significant and growing demand from families, for community based services.
  5. Strong families help build strong communities and prosperous economies, a more secure future for us all.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of a corporate partnership with The Darling Home for Kids?  Please contact Shannon Caskey, Director of Development.